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Born in Brooklyn, raised in both Brooklyn and Queens, New York. Kyle moved to the hidden town of Milford, Pennsylvania in 2010 it really changed his life. He has gained and solidified the contemporary landscape with lens based cinema from Kutztown University. As a Chinese-Jamaican, Puerto Rican artist, he try’s to blend medias and contort it into a sort of digital mixed media. As a Photographer and Time-Based/Experimental Media artist, he tends to make heads turn on purpose. Kyle’s style is not defined by just one medium but a mixture of both of his concentrations. He is a revolutionist. Concepts come out randomly or when some aromas bring me back to childhood or a certain place. It tends to be very analogous with the thinking process; an idea one moment and then five later on the same week. Moving on, whether it is conceptual or lens based, making the viewer feel a certain way, or disgusted, the work of art must have some physical volume of sensibilities to Kyle. With that, he knows the work will be successful. He makes art to express either his current emotional states, or an event in society that perhaps almost everyone will understand.Time based/ Experimental cinema can accrue the strongest understanding of meaning. What is being played in front of a viewer? How do they feel?  Sensitivity is a huge factor in some of Kyle’s video pieces. In “This is your Life” had eight projections in the same room, perhaps spanning 160 degrees where mind and eyes get overwhelmed by the mass arrangement of moving cinema. He is inspired by Stan Vanderbeek, Nam June Paik, Bill Viola, and Pipilotti Rist.

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